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Due Date: 12/30/2020
Subject: Reading

Reading Test~ Thursday, May 11th 


Comprehension Skill: Ask and Answer Questions

Comprehension Strategy: Main Idea and Key Details

Genre: Narrative Nonfiction 

Vocabulary Strategy: Latin and Greek Prefixes



~Review skill pages in reading book 

~Study Vocabulary Words (Refer to Weekly Newsletter)

Due Date: 9/26/2020
Subject: Language

Language Test~ Thursday, May 4th  

Skill: Comparing with Adverbs 

Alabama History
Due Date: 5/25/2017
Subject: Social Studies


Bottle Buddies Project



In history we will be completing a project in which the students will be making a replica of a famous Alabamian. You will need a 2 liter bottle, emptied and cleaned. We also ask that you fill it partially with sand, rice, gravel etc. to make it more stable. We will be decorating the bottle in class. The bottle will be decorated to look like your famous Alabamian. You can create the face with different materials such as puff balls, paper, and felt. A Styrofoam ball works great for the head. You can add yarn for hair, eyebrows, or mustache. Dress your character using paper or material. The bottom of the bottle can be left plain, or you can add shoes/feet. Please bring a 2 liter bottle and any materials you wish to use on your “Bottle Buddy” to school by Tuesday, May 9th. Place all of your items in a zip-lock bag with your name on it. Also, be sure to put your name on your 2 liter bottle. If you have an extra 2 liter bottle or materials that you would like to send in, it would be greatly appreciated. Further instructions and guidelines will be given out and discussed in class next week. Thank you so for your help!