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Due Date: 12/30/2020
Subject: Reading

Unit 2 Week 1 Newsletter

Test Dates

·        Reading/Vocabulary:

Thursday, September 28th    

·        Language:

Wednesday, September 27th



Tested Skills

·        Comprehension Strategy: Ask and Answer Questions (page 98)

·        Comprehension Skill: Theme (page 99)

·        Genre: Folktale (page 100)

·        Vocabulary Strategy: Root Words (page 101)

·        Grammar: Common and Proper Nouns  (worksheet)

Vocabulary Words

(Pages 92-93)

1.)  Soared- flew very high in the air

2.)  Attracted- drew the attention of

3.)  Dazzling- so bright that it’s almost blinding

4.)  Fabric- a material that is woven or knitted, such as cloth

5.)  Greed- a very great and selfish desire to have or get something

6.)  Honest- truthful, fair, and trustworthy

7.)  Requested- asked for

8.)  Trudged- walking steadily and slowly


·        Reading: Review skill pages listed above

·        Language: Complete/study nightly language sheet

·       Vocabulary: Study vocabulary words


Alabama History
Due Date: 5/25/2017
Subject: Social Studies

 Chapter 2 Test- September 22, 2017

**Study guide was given Tuesday, September 5th. Students should study nightly!**