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David Spires Staff Photo

    Troy State University Graduate - Elementary Education BS

   Masters in Curriculum and Instruction


I began my teaching career in 1991. I have taught second, third and fourth grades.  I have worked with ARI as a classroom teacher and as a presenter and facilitator since 1999. In 2005 I came to Enterprise as a Reading Coach. I worked with teachers and students to help make the Reading program one of the best in the state. Starting in 2013 I made the transition to Instructional Partner.  I work with teachers to develop best practices for instruction in all content areas as well as provide professional development for all staff members. As the Instructional Partner I work with teachers and administrators to provide content and curriculum support. 





A little bit about me:

My favorite books are all about imaginary places with mysterious and magical characters and settings. Harry Potter, Eragon, and Artemis Fowl are just a few of my favorites.