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Counseling Corner

Mrs. N.Trawick and Family
Mrs. N.Trawick and Family

Dear Parents,

     Guidance and counseling activities are provided in a non-threatening environment which fosters positive self-esteem and individual growth and development. I look forward to working with your child each and everyday as part of the Holly Hill faculty.

                                                Nikki Trawick


Commonly asked questions....

 What is elementary guidance and counseling?

Elementary guidance and counseling:

•·       Is a program centered around three developmental domains: career, academic, and personal/social

•·       Is for all students

•·       Facilitates development of the whole child

•·       Promotes self-understanding and self-acceptance in students

•·       Promotes positive attitudes towards self, family, and community

•·       Teaches decision-making skills, communication skills, and coping skills.

 What will the counselor do?

The counselor will:

•·       Conduct large group lessons

•·       Provide individual and small group counseling to assist students in overcoming difficulties which impede school success

•·       Consult with teachers, parents and the principal concerning students' needs


 How can the counselor be contacted?

The counselor may be contacted through:

•·       The principal's office

•·       Referrals for individual counseling made by the teachers, parents, principal, or by the student themselves

•·       A parent making an appointment for a conference